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Waterford House
unity and strength

Inspired by the charism of Edmund Rice


House Leader: Ms Laura Negri


Waterford House is named in honour of the city of Waterford, Ireland where Edmund Rice was a prominent businessman. This busy port city witnesses the beginning of Edmund’s ministry to the poor. We connect the shipping port of Waterford to our own Port of Hobart. In Waterford, Edmund, the successful businessman, saw inequity and recognised that education was the key to improving the lives of those people on the margins of society. It was his strong Catholic faith, belief in education and strength of character that motivated him to serve. He set about using his considerable wealth and personal skills to create an educational legacy that still exists today.


Waterford House embodies the spirit of Edmund Rice. Members motivate every person in our community to ‘write their own story’ and to work collaboratively for the betterment of all. The spirit of Waterford House empowers members to find success by being part of a unified team that can achieve far more than the individual members.

Value:          Unity

Motto:          Unity and Strength

Waterford house motto is Unity and Strength. Members gain strength from developing positive relationships that respect the dignity of each person.

Colour:         Red

Waterford House colour is red. It symbolises the power and strength one gets from working in unity for the advancement of others.

Symbols:  The Australian wombat and hands of unity.

The wombat can be found all over our island state. It is an animal of brutal honesty, has endurance and wow “what a potential for growth!” They are intelligent yet playful, surprisingly fast, agile and industrious creatures. The wombat teaches inner trust and faith in oneself.
The curved hands around the student body are an expression of unity and strength. This is encapsulated by an ellipse, exemplifying the strength of Waterford is a unified team working for the betterment of all.

Serving:     Waterford House is of service to organisations such as St Vincent de Paul Society, that cross boundaries, create community and have a profound sense of respect for the people they serve.

House Prayer:


Waterford Prayer

God of Faith and Hope.

You gave us the life of Edmund Rice as an example of

strength and unity so that we may continue his work today.

May Edmund’s spirit live in Waterford House

as we build a community that is inclusive

and seeks to bring out the best in everyone.

We ask this prayer in the name of your Son,

Jesus Christ who is light and life for the world.