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Sion House
equality and solidarity

Inspired by the charism of Edmund Rice

House Leader:  Mr Chris Nettlefold-Roberts


Sion House is named in honour of the first school Edmund Rice opened in Waterford, ‘Mount Sion’. The Catholic tradition holds that Mount Sion was the site for the upper room where the Last Supper was celebrated and the friends (followers) of Jesus remained there as a “family” after Jesus’ crucifixion. It was here where love, companionship, nourishment and hospitality were experienced. By using the name Mount Sion for his first school, Edmund Rice envisioned a Catholic education that was inclusive where all the children, irrespective of their religion or background, were respected.


Sion House fosters a culture of unity where sisters and brothers are one. Sion House celebrates and connects especially with those on the margins within our own college community. It is through a shared journey of compassion, welcome and connection that everyone can participate in the fullness of life.

Value:        Respect

Motto:        Equality and Solidarity

Sion House motto is Equality and Solidarity. At the heart of the house is welcome where the innate dignity of each individual is celebrated. Distinctly, Sion House works in solidarity with Aboriginal peoples locally and nationally to build a just and inclusive Australia.

Colour:      Purple

Sion House colour is purple. It is an ancient royal colour and is significant in Church history. Jesus is humble royalty. Even though he is mocked and clothed in purple robes, he endures. He rises to eternal life and in this way gives life to others.

Symbols:   The platypus and hands of unity.


The platypus is an ancient creature and unique to Australia. It carries the features of many different animals, therefore symbolizing that "everyone of us has something that makes us distinctive in our own very special way.” It teaches Sion House members to take pride in their own uniqueness, to seek solitude when needed and to learn new and nourishing lessons from time spent with the spirit of God.

Many hands come together to form the symbol of equality and unity. We respect ourselves and connect easily with others as we work to build a world where everyone is welcome and acknowledged for who they are.

Serving:       Sion House is of service to Aboriginal communities and organisations, such as the Indigenous Literacy Foundation whose mission is to support First Nations people.

House Prayer: 

Sion Prayer

 God of Peace and Justice

You inspired Edmund Rice to build his first school, Mt Sion,

to provide for the most vulnerable in his community.

Help all in Sion House to stand in solidarity with the least of our brothers and sisters

as we work to build a world of equality, respect, and justice.

We ask this prayer in the name of your son, Jesus,

who guides and loves all who live in his name.