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Planning for the Future

The College’s commitment to join the Catholic Education Tasmania (CET) Greater Hobart Catholic College Extension Plan in 2019, Project 23, sees MacKillop Catholic College once again at the forefront of the latest restructuring of Catholic secondary education in the Hobart region.

MacKillop Catholic College’s commitment to extending into Years 11 and 12 from the commencement of 2023 has been the stimulus for both a very significant increase in enrolment demand and the commencement of a considerable building program. The rapid growth and demand for enrolments at the College have resulted in the Schools Resourcing Committee of the Catholic Education Commission Tasmania approving an increase in student enrolments for Year 7 students. Based on current nationwide retention rates, this could see MacKillop Catholic College grow to become a Years 7-12 college with an enrolment in excess of 850 students by 2025.

This rapid expansion of student and staff numbers is both exciting and challenging. Exciting, because of the new opportunities and programs that will come with being a Year 7-12 secondary school of this size, and challenging because of the buildings, infrastructure and staffing that will have to be built, developed and engaged in just a few short years. While CET has initiated some very preliminary discussions regarding the possible establishment of a second Catholic college on the Eastern Shore, MacKillop Catholic College will remain the only option for parents and caregivers seeking a Catholic secondary education for the immediate future.

In 2022, the College commenced processes for reviewing and updating its Building Master Plan.  Following the development of a tender and application process, the College announced the consortium of JAWS Architects and K2LD as the appointed consultants to lead the updating of the Building Master Plan.
JAWS Architects and K2LD worked closely with the College to ensure that the updated Building Master Plan meets our strategic and educational objectives.

Master Plan meets our strategic and educational objectives. Specifically, the MacKillop Catholic College Building Master Plan will:

 Recognise and respond to the priorities and strategies outlined in the College’s 2022-2024 Strategic Directions
 Provide the planning and design framework for the future delivery of a contemporary, student-centred Years 7 to 12 co-education
 Be developed through a consultative community process that engages all stakeholders
 Include staged redevelopment, demolition and possible acquisition of existing and new buildings
 Ensure that all development supports the goal of ‘best practice’ and will incorporate contemporary and international trends in the delivery of education services
 Facilitate the design of spaces that promote and enable creativity, self-direction, critical thinking and inspired learning
 Have a focus on sustainability through use of natural resources, considered building materials, consideration of green spaces and building structures that support sustainable practices
 Include as part of its scope a review of existing infrastructure with detail about the possible rejuvenation of current buildings to meet current and future needs.

The review and updating processes are now complete, and the College is pleased to announce and share its updated Building Master Plan.

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For more details, please view the Executive Summary below.