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Fitzroy House
generosity and spirit 

Inspired by the Josephite tradition 


Fitzroy House Leader: Mr. James Hickey


Fitzroy House is named in honour of the birthplace of Mary MacKillop. Born in the family home, ‘Marino Cottage’ in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne, on 15 January 1842 Mary spent her childhood and much of her young adult life in Victoria. She had a strong love of God and a desire to do what she could for people in need. Life was hard but it was in this house that Mary’s mother, Flora, taught her to believe in the providence of God, in the strong love of family and in the generosity of community. These values, together with a love of music, singing and education gave Mary a heart for others and one dedicated to God.

Today, a plaque in the footpath marks this site which now houses the Melbourne Archdiocesan 'Mary of the Cross' Drug and Rehabilitation Centre. In keeping with Mary’s conviction that one should "Never see a need without doing something about it" (Mary MacKillop, 1867), this agency provides support services and ancillary care for those affected by drug and alcohol use.


Fitzroy House members build community with devotion, outreach and solidarity. They are generous with their gifts, have forethought and work for the betterment of the wider community. Their encouraging spirit, sense of belonging, hospitality and trust in God lift others.

Value: Generosity

Motto: Generosity and Spirit

The Fitzroy House motto is Generosity and Spirit. At the heart of the house is a belief that God will provide and with bountiful gifts of the spirit we kindly welcome others. This belief motivates all members to be generous with their gifts and skills, empathetic and hope-filled. 

Colour: Ochre 

Fitzroy House colour is ochre. This colour is symbolic of the earth, of strength and endurance. It represents enthusiasm, determination and passion for others and is grounded in our Australian identity.

Symbols:  the Tasmanian quoll and hand of generosity

Fitzroy Symbols.png

The quoll is unique to our country. It is an animal of action, devoted to the community and shouts “Do it now and do it for others!”

The heart in hand is symbolic of charity and generosity, given freely from the heart.


Fitzroy Prayer

God of creation,

You gifted our nation with the
life and work of Mary MacKillop,

born in Fitzroy, Melbourne in 1842.

As members of this House we

pray that our trust in God’s generosity
will help us to grow in our

ability to reach out to others,

welcoming difference and

diversity and building a

community where everyone feels they


In the spirit of God, we pray.