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Rice House
courage and witness

Inspired by the charism of Edmund Rice


House Leader: Mr. Jeffrey Andrews


Rice House is named in honour of Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice. Born on 1 June 1762, Rice devoted his life to educating the poor and was the Founder of the Congregation of Christian Brothers and Presentation Brothers. As an Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) associate school, it is fitting that a house carrying his name is guided by the core principles that motivated him to educate young people living on the streets of Waterford, Ireland.


Rice House members are committed to the spirit of Edmund Rice. They are strong witnesses to our Catholic faith traditions, to the educational journey and to the pursuit of excellence in learning and teaching. Rice House members advocate for equal access to quality education globally. They are faithful to the call of God in their own lives, dedicated to their own educational journey, support their peers and work for the betterment of the community.

Value:          Witness

Motto:          Courage and Witness

Rice House motto is Courage and Witness. The members of Rice House are courageous agents who generously respond to community needs with actions that embrace and challenge injustice.

Colour:         Green

Rice House colour is green. It signifies Rice’s Irish heritage and reflects Edmund Rice’s renewal of heart when confronted by the inequity of his time. The freshness of green restores our commitment to take swift and unified global action for the poor and our common home Mother Earth.

Symbols:   The Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagle and hands of witness.

The Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagle can be seen flying high in the Australian skies. It is a powerful creature that soars over obstacles. It encourages every member of Rice House to see in an open-minded way, respecting ourselves and the world around us. It has the strength to be seen clearly by others. The wedge-tailed eagle teaches us the value of strong structures and Rice House will witness to them.
The handshake is symbolic of Rice’s core values of courage and witness. This illustration embodies the idea of taking the courage to reach out to others, to welcome, to see ourselves and others clearly, and to work together in order to have a shared experience. We are strong, courageous witnesses of truth.

Serving:    Rice House is of service to organizations that provide services and support for those on the margins including people who are homeless or on the verge of homelessness, the Migrant Resource Centre Tasmania, Multicultural Youth (MYT), Tasmania Asylum Seeker Support and The Unknown Project. Rice House in particular supports Harmony Day and Refugee Week in the academic calendar.

House Prayer:

Rice Prayer

God of the poor,

you gave Edmund Rice a heart for others.

Renew in us your spirit of love and grace

so that we can be courageous witnesses

to living the Gospel in our world.

Restore our commitment to actions

that embrace and fight injustice.

Empower us to work for the poor

and renew our common home Mother Earth.

We ask this through your loving Son, Jesus Christ who came to embrace all.